At the Neu Ulmer Singe- und Instrumentalwettstreit (A singing an playing competition) our Girlgroup, the gazelles sang a nice Song, called "Early in the morning, when the sun awakes" from Black forest. Our grandparents sang it already. We won the 4. Place. Not very good, but also not bad...

At an other category, the instrumental solists, our Harp-Group "Tannengeflüster" played the "Canon" by Pachelbel and "Red Sky, Blue Clouds" by Christopher Pampuch. Tannengeflüster, that are Crescentia, Hedwig, Anna, Katharina and Maria-Theresia. We won this caegory! It was really great! Harps... ode of the best Instruments of the world...

see you, your GF

25.3.08 11:17

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